Partnership Announcement

Billions of years of evolution – one software mind

Harnessing algorithms evolved in insect brains to make autonomous machines as robust and efficient as nature.

We call it ‘Natural Intelligence’.

Close-up image of an insect

Intelligence isn’t artificial, it’s natural

Natural Intelligence is different to data and compute-centric AI & SLAM as it reverse engineers the innate structure and function of actual brains. Solving autonomy in the real world.

Machines behaving like natural creatures

Biology gives us countless examples of insects functioning in challenging environments and conditions. Natural Intelligence gives this robust autonomy to machines:

Unstructured environments

GPS free navigation indoors and outdoors, simply learning a new space by being shown it.

Challenging conditions

Tolerant to change, allowing work in noisy environments like variable light and weather.

Dynamic objects

Situational awareness of static and dynamic objects with near zero latency collision detection and avoidance.


Ability to dynamically prioritize task based on environmental context and switch jobs without deadlock.

The benefits of Natural Intelligence

Nature-evolved algorithms provide innate behaviour and are efficient by default: data-free, infrastructure free and training free. See how differentiated the Opteran approach is:

General purpose for air and ground.

Edge only, secure and private.

360° of omnidirectional 4π steradian vision.

Algorithmic image stabilization at point of capture.

Near-zero latency > 150 hz, no buffering.

Ultra-low memory maps: 1kB / m2.

Low SWaP$: ~2W and lower on ASIC.

Fully integrated software stack.

Standards-based: Mavlink/PX4 & ROS.

Reduced hardware and cameras costs.

Verifiable algorithms.

See firsthand Opteran in action

Try our navigation software running in a simulator