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Join our team if you want to be part of the next wave of AI for autonomous machines

Opteran is growing rapidly, so if you are an engineer with experience in robotics or software development take a look at our roles below or get in touch through our open call.

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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Research shows that women and minority groups are particularly likely to second-guess themselves and not apply — so if you're worried about meeting all of the criteria, get in touch anyhow and let us do the worrying.

About Opteran

After 8 years of research, Opteran has pioneered brain biomimicry - the ability to understand real brains and re-engineer them. Starting with how insect brains see, avoid collisions, navigate and make decisions, reproducing these biological systems so efficiently they run on low-end silicon to enable machines to behave more naturally.

Providing an alternative to current photogrammetry and DL approaches, this has broken through today's limitations; not only is it small, lightweight and ultra-low powered, it is orders of magnitude more robust and is also verifiable, is edge only and does not require data.

We call it ‘natural intelligence’.