Partnership Announcement

Wheels, wings, rotors or legs

General purpose autonomy software that embeds into vehicles, AMRs, drones and standalone sensors operating indoors & outdoors, on-road or off-road for commercial, industrial or consumer products.


Nearfield sensing in difficult conditions

  • Perception in poor conditions
  • Offroad navigation
  • Object detection e.g. VRUs
  • Network and data independence
  • Safety critical
  • Secure and private
  • ESG/Sustainable systems

Augments existing sensor suites with 360˚ nearfield RGB vision that can cope with dirt, poor lighting and weather conditions. Localizes in GPS-free environments such as underground car parks or off-road navigation. Detects vulnerable road users, small static and dynamic objects and free space such as parking.

Summary of Opteran’s
unique capabilities

Perception in poor conditions
Passive depth perception robust to dirt, lighting variability and weather.
Infrastructure free
Spatial localization and place recognition without adding costly infrastructure changes. No GPS, fiducials, scanning, lines, magnetic strips or beacons.
GPS-free navigation
One-shot onboard map creation, extension and annotation from room to city scale. GPS-free and robust to light variability, weather and, visual aliasing in changing environments both dense and, sparsely featured.
Outdoor <> indoor
Move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.
A full autonomy stack capable of running on a range of ultra-low wattage compute hardware including FPGA, CPU and GPU, with a route to ASIC. Deploy onto sub 250g vehicles or enable larger vehicles to run for longer.
Off-road navigation
Off-road navigation Navigation in highly unstructured and dynamic environments where routes and the field of view change.
Obstacle detection
Capable of detecting small, dynamic and protruding static obstacles and Vulnerable Road Users.
Safety critical
General purpose verifiable white box algorithms for all machines. Allows a single tested and verified autonomy system to be deployed on different air and ground robots in high risk environments such as nuclear power, oil and gas refinery.
Network and data independence
Navigation that does not require data capture, pre-processing and map synchronisation over network.
Secure and private
Our algorithms don’t capture, store or transmit images of locations enhancing both security and privacy.
ESG/Sustainable systems
As we don’t use traditional compute centric SLAM and AI Opteran reduces C02 by orders of magnitude.
Cost-constrained systems
An integrated system that reduces build complexity, and removes data management. Uses industry standards with low cost cameras and low cost hardware deployment.