Partnership Announcement
Consumer drones, vacs & lawn-mowers

Reduce complexity, SWaPs and slash the BoM

Expand market potential and improve your Gross Margin.

Reduced BoM
Detect people, children, pets and other risks in real-time, edge processed, in variable lighting, poor weather, dirt and dust.
Reduced system complexity
Forward collision perception and automatic emergency braking in poor light and weather conditions.
Vast area coverage
Real-time detection of static and dynamic objects in near-field urban driving situations such as parking e.g scaffolding poles and bollards.
Guideline simplification
Ability to annotate a map to inform machines of no-go or obstructed areas e.g. flood, soft ground, children, pets, valuable, delicate areas.
Network free
Works without wifi or network connection.
A full autonomy stack capable of running on a range of ultra-low wattage compute hardware including FPGA, CPU and GPU, with a route to ASIC. Deploy onto sub 250g vehicles or enable larger vehicles to run for longer.
Navigation in highly dynamic environments
Navigate in and around highly dynamic moving objects e.g. people.
Navigation where others can’t
Can navigate with mirrors, glass and variable lighting, spot lights, blinding, fans, or sparse featureless rooms, very narrow corridors, tight spaces and even staircases.
Highly sustainable
No data, no data storage, no data centre and no training means extremely low CO2.
Secure and private
As no images are captured, stored or sent over a network, no data requires cleansing or scrubbing.

Coming next

Autonomous job prioritization. Enabling a machine to independently and automatically prioritize its most important tasks and dynamically route in real time.


Try the Opteran Mind

We provided several approaches to test our general purpose autonomy.


Our algorithms integrated with the Unreal Engine allow you to test the Opteran Mind in simulations that represent your business needs.

Reference hardware

The Opteran Development Kit (ODK) with integrated software, hardware and pre-calibrated cameras allows you to integrate Opteran algorithms directly into your machine. Simply, plug in a USB or Ethernet to access PX4 over Mavlink or ROS APIs and get going.

Reference machines

To simplify this, we have pre-integrated the ODK into a drone and ground-based robot to allow you to test the Opteran Mind quickly and simply.