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Mining & Energy

Autonomy in dirty, low-light, dangerous and difficult environments

Confidence to go where you have not been able to go before.

Localization of assets
Locate disparate and valuable assets, annotate map with key business information and integrate other data sets to locations e.g. collision data at locations in mines.
Infrastructure free mapping
Rapidly build large dynamic complex maps of industrial facilities or mines.
Network free navigation
Store large maps onboard in low memory and navigate edge only without connectivity.
Navigation if the scene changes
Ability to cope with significant scene change or repeating patterns e.g. refineries, pipes, mines, solar or wind farms.
Navigation in dirty conditions
Ability to cope with dirt, low or poor light conditions and featureless or narrow spaces.
Proximity detection
Augment and enhance current sensor modalities e.g. RF with vision.
Dynamic routing
Ability to dynamically choose alternative routes when pathways are blocked.
Offline learning
Ability to teach routes in a digital twin or simulator before deploying in the real world.
Verifiable autonomy
White box algorithms that can be certified to de-risk autonomy in high risk or dangerous environments.
Auto response
Ability to teach routes and select the most effective in a given scenario e.g. to observe, monitor and scare wildlife away from facilities.

Coming next

Autonomous job prioritization. Enabling a machine to independently and automatically prioritize its most important tasks and dynamically route in real time.


Try the Opteran Mind

We provided several approaches to test our general purpose autonomy.


Our algorithms integrated with the Unreal Engine allow you to test the Opteran Mind in simulations that represent your business needs.

Reference hardware

The Opteran Development Kit (ODK) with integrated software, hardware and pre-calibrated cameras allows you to integrate Opteran algorithms directly into your machine. Simply, plug in a USB or Ethernet to access PX4 over Mavlink or ROS APIs and get going.

Reference machines

To simplify this, we have pre-integrated the ODK into a drone and ground-based robot to allow you to test the Opteran Mind quickly and simply.